Hydrogen Water Bottle Gold

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Features & Benefits

  • Helps decrease inflammation
  • Improves gut health
  • Increases natural energy (ATP)
  • Reduces oxidative stress ORP -675 mV
  • 280 mL capacity
  • Generates 1600-3000 PPB H2 in 5-10 minutes
Product Specification Related parameters Notice
Capacity of the Cup 280ml
Power 4 W
Battery capacity 1800 mAh
Charger Requirements Output: 5V/2A TYPE-C
Product Size 60×230 The diameter is
60 and the height
is 230.
Hydrogen content
in 5min
1600 PPB
Hydrogen content
in 10min
3000 PPB
Working times in 5 Min.
upon full-charge
About 15 times
Working times in 10 Min.
upon full-charge
About 8 times

5 reviews for Hydrogen Water Bottle Gold

  1. Mudit Saroagi


  2. Srishti Jain

    Nice colour

  3. Rahul

    We should all drink Hydrogen water..thanks to hyrovii

  4. Mahendar Kukreja


  5. Rajesh Goel

    Highly recommended.

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